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Two marvellous old timers carrying such familiar names - Lister and Buzacott!! The photos show both items, but each item is separately available. Contact Alan White for any information you may need - phone on 0447 172 744 or email at

The image opposite is for confirmation only - the Lister ID plate remains attached to the motor, but is located behind the fuel tank so the details are unavailable.
The image opposite is difficult to read, but confirms that the distributor is the Engineering Supply Company of Australial Limited - ESCA. The ID plate confirms that they had branches in Rockhamption, Brisbane and Townsville.
The photo opposite is not legible - it confirms that the generator attached to the Buzacott was supplied by the Challenge Electric Company. The serial number is 1928, RPM of 1000, kilowatt value is 1, volts are 32 and amps are 25.
The image opposite is hard to read, but confirms that the Buzacott is 3 hp (as is cast into the block), Serial Number is C47273 and the 3 hp capacity is reached at 1000 rpm.
The image opposite is provided to highlight that the base of the Buzacott generator plant does have some damage to the base on which it was originally supplied. The disloged section of the base remains available (as shown in the photo). This damage will not impact the performance or application of the unit, but is shown in the interests of full disclosure.

Item 1 - The Lister Junior (Jnr) is a great old petrol engine which, like all those ever-reliable Listers, was made in England. This motor has been fully stripped down and rebuilt by an experienced enthusiast. It has a brand new fuel tank, a refurbished fuel pump and a refurbished magneto and chain. This motor runs well, but is a bit noisy without its exhaust - but fitting another will solve this issue. It has done the show circuit including spending the 2020 Australia Day weekend at the Allora Heritage Weekend!

Item 2 - On the other hand, this wonderful old 3 hp Buzacott and 32-volt generator are not in working order. A missing magneto and fuel tank contribute, at least in part, as to why this unit is not currently working. It remains sitting on its as-supplied factory base which has suffered slight damage over the years - damage which will not prevent it becoming operational and effective! This old unit does turn over, but is definitely not running. What is its history - it has probably run a shearing shed or a lighting plant or even powered the homestead for a hard-working family somewhere! A great piece of history just waiting for you to do a full restoration job on it!!


Contact Alan White for any information you may need - phone on 0447 172 744 or email at him at

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