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Here is a G-Series (the last series) Ajax A2 piston pump complete with a brand-new Honda GX160 (it has been started, but it hasn't been worked)!


This pump has been stripped down, sandblasted, undercoated, re-assembled and given a coat of paint, along with the obigatory new wet-end kit.

The Honda - well ... we don't need to tell you about it because of its renowned pedigree, performance, reliability and reputation! A genuine Honda and genuinely "new" - we fuelled/oiled it to start it to make sure that there was nothing wrong - that is all that it has done!


And ... the "newness" doesn't stop with the Honda! This pump has a completely new gearbox (main gear, pinion and shaft, conrod, crosshead, all bearings and piston shaft) as well as a pretty-much new wet end (new liner, centre plate, piston plates and the new kit) - what a combination ... what a unit!!


And yes, you may have noticed that there is no end plate to hold the water in the wet end ... it is coming, and it also will be brand new - just waiting on its delivery and it WILL be fitted prior to arriving at your place!!


According to the original Ajax information, this pump will deliver 300 gallons per hour at 250 rpm at the pump, or approximately 50 strokes per minute, to a head of 250 feet and, at that configuration, will require less than a 1 hp electric motor to do so. Ajax information quotes volume/capacity to 670 gallons per hour at 550 rpm or 110 strokes per minute, but we would caution against such a set up - these pumps were never designed for speed! Need more water - go for a bigger pump!

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