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OC10 - An Ajax A4 (4" x 5") pump!

Please check the final photos of the main gear of this pump!


This pump's main gear has been scored - we don't know the story behind it, but EVERY tooth on the main gear has marks all the way around it - these marks can be seen in the photos above!! The good news, however, is that the scoring is not sufficiently deep to have any bearing on the future performance and length of service of this pump! It's forecast working life will NOT be impacted by these imperfections, but the price has been set at a level to take the scoring into account - this pump will be a bargain for the lucky purchaser!!

Apart from this issue with the gearbox, the pump is in really sound condition. A new pinion shaft has been fitted and the pinion itself is quite sound. Both the long and the short bearings have been bushed and a new crosshead pin and bush have been fitted. A new centre plate, piston plates and a new kit have been fitted to the wet end.


These pumps have 2" suction and discharge. They will pump to a head of 300 feet and will deliver just over 1300 gallons per hour at 50 strokes per minute (or 250 rpm at the pump). The horsepower required for this is only 3 hp unless you need to speed up the pump (which is not recommended).


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