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An always hard-to-get Ajax AH3 - a 3" x 5" high-head pump - and what a specimen it is!!
The image opposite is provided to highlight a crack in two of the spokes of the pulley. These cracks will not impact the operation of the pump, nor its lifespan. Unfortunately we do not have a spare pulley this size or we would have replaced it prior to uploading these photos. Should you have a spare pulley that you no longer need, we'd love to hear from you! The diameter is 16" and the shaft is 1.25".

This pump is soooo special - apart from being a scarce AH3 in its own right, look at the pinion and check out the bull gear - very little wear anywhere!!! We consider that the condition of the power end of this pump is well and truly up there with the best of any used pump we have have in the 12/13 years we've been restoring them.

This pump has new piston plates, new centre plate and a  new wet-end maintenance kit fitted (leather buckets, springs, valve rubbers, packing and gaskets). The piston rod is stainless steel and motor rails are included. As shown in the above photos, the valve seats have been refaced by a local engineering firm.


The wet-end of an AH3 is a different configuration from the standard Ajax pumps. It is this specialised configuration that makes it a high-header - it will pump to 575 feet and will deliver 730 gallons per hour. It will need only 5 hp (electric) to achieve the maximum delivery.


We have found that these pumps simply sell themselves. The previous four/five that we have had have gone immediately when listed. We suggest that you contact us as soon as practicable to secure this pump because of their extreme popularity ... and they really are harder to find than live rocking horses!!


Phone Alan on 0409 126 102 or email him at PistonPumps for further details.

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