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Here is one of the very difficult to find, but always in demand, Ajax AH3 piston pumps in extremely good condition! These pumps are rated to a head of 500 plus feet - and that is all due to the very different wet-end configuration shown below!


This pump has been stripped down, sandblasted, undercoated, re-assembled and given a coat of paint, along with the obigatory new wet-end kit.

The gear box is in great condition and the tag, though difficult to read, shows that it is a G-Series pump - the last model Ajax produced. Just to be sure, to be sure, we've even had the cylinder professionally honed and the shaft for the bull gear is also new! These are as well as the new piston and centre plates.


According to the original Ajax information, this pump will deliver just under 900 gallons per hour at 315 rpm at the pump, or approximately 60 strokes per minute, to a head of 500+ feet and, at that configuration, will require a 6 hp electric motor to do so.

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