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There are two pumps that top our most-sought-after list - the little Forrers 2" x 2" and this big-brother cousin - an Ajax AH3!!


You'll need to grab this opportunity with both hands - a very hard-to-come-by Ajax AH3 (3" x 5") high-head pump in really great condition!!


Suction and discharge on this pump are both 1.5". Our Ajax information says that this pump has a head of 575 feet and, at 50 strokes per minute (260 rpm at the pump) it will deliver 730 gallons per hour (or approx 3,300 litres) and will only need a 6 hp electric motor to drive it to the maximum head - we've been told that the equivalent in petrol or diesel would be 10 hp!! The configuration of the wet-end makes these pumps very heavy!

The pump has been stripped down, sandblasted, painted and reassembled with new bolts fitted as required. The gearbox has been checked and is very sound as shown in the later photos above. It has a new stainless steel piston rod with two new brass nuts, new gear case baffle, new keeper plate, new gland nut, new springs and new packing consisting of genuine Ajax o-rings. The "bucket" setup in this pump is the original setup - it does not have buckets as such - the setup on the piston rod is shown in the final photo above (the individual pieces are shown, as well as the assembly).


This pump originated from almost-suburban Melbourne and has travelled to southern Queensland - its next destination is up to you!! They are as scarce as rocking-horse teeth and have always sold very quickly in the past so we recommend that you contact us ASAP.


Phone Alan on 0409 126 102 or email him at PistonPumps for further details.

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