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ON CONSIGNMENT - A rather special one this time - we've only had three or four of them - a Forrers

1-3/4" x 3" high head pump!


These are out there in very limited numbers! Forrers documentation states that these compact pumps will deliver 170 gallons (750 plus litres) per hour to a head of 700 feet and requires only a 1 hp electric motor to do that (a bit more oomph is needed  for petrol motors). It has a 1" inlet and a 3/4" discharge, so it will retro-fit the pipes for any other small pump which may have been in place.

The owner has informed us that this machine has hardly been used since it was fully reconditioned by the late Rob McPhail, formerly of Yandina. Since that limited use, it has been sitting in a shed! We have checked it out and fitted new buckets and wet-end gaskets - it didn't need anything else! The valve assembly is brass - no rubbers or springs required! Compact pumps with this head capacity are as scarce as rocking horse teeth! This pump is in its working clothes, but is very sound!

Please pay particular attention to the bottom photos above. One lug on the top air chamber has been welded but this will not affect the performance of this pump in any way, nor will it impact its longevity!

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