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A Forrers 2.25" x 4" piston pump - a high-head unit - what an awesome pump in outstanding condition!!

Everything about this pump is in outstanding condition! It has been stripped down and sandblasted. When reassembled, it has had a new pinion shaft fitted, the long bearing rebushed, the cylinder liner/sleeve has been honed, a new crosshead pin and bush fitted as well as a new stainless piston rod, new deflector and, of course, the standard new wet-end kit!! And the gears ... well just look at those photos - neither the pinion nor the bull gear needs any attention!!

The suction and discharge on this pump are 1.25". Given the configuration of the wet end, it has the ability to pump to a 550 feet head and, at 60 strokes per minute, will deliver approximatly 400 gallons per hour at this maximum head ... and only needs 1.5 hp (electric) to do so!! This pump is able to achieve such a head because it is a high-head pump - as per the photos, there are no valve rubbers or springs - instead, the wet-end is configured with these four brass valves which sit together so very neatly in the wet-end as shown above.


This pump is a real Aussie toiler - made in Ipswich, Australia and has become available on Australia Day 2020 - how appropriate!!


You will probably need to act fairly quickly to secure this pump - units of the quality of this one always sell themselves, but units of this size and head are as scarce as rocking horse teeth!!


The hard-to-read brass tag shown above tells you that it is made by Forrers in Ipswich, has a bore of 2.25", a stroke of 4", a head of 550 feet and is Pump Number 5299!!


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