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Forrers 2" x 2" high-header - these little beauties have a capacity which defies their compact build!


The gearbox has been completely overhauled by a professional machinist. A new cross-head pin has been fitted and the conrod has been bushed. A gearcase baffle has been fitted as well as new buckets. It has been cleaned up, reassembled and repainted.

The tag shown which is difficult to read shows the following: 2" bore and 2" stroke, 500' head and serial number 20663.

We can't tell you any more! Check it out yourselves, but don't ponder for tooooo long - these little ones usually walk out the door veeeery quickly! Please note (last photo above) that the fitting on the pump housing holding the valve cover in place has been welded, but this will in no way affect the longevity or performance of this pump.

Phone Alan on 0409 126 102 or email him at PistonPumps for further details.

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