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We have these so very rarely that we get quite excited about them! These little Forrers 2" x 2" pumps, when you can get them, are nothing short of amazing!

NOTE: This pump came to us without a gearbox lid. Prior to having one made, the pump was uploaded to the website with the statement that a lid would be provided prior to sale - the lid has now been manufactured and fitted. The photos below are a mixture of "before and after" the lid became available.


So ... what is so special about these pumps? For starters, they are very, very hard to find!! And .... best of all, they have a head of 500 feet - 500' from something so small! To allow you to gauge the size of this pump, the fifth photo above has a standard-sized WD40 tin next to it - and the pump (at the motor mounts) is approximately half its height!! You can also see a pallet in the background which also gives an indication of its size! These pumps are the smallest gear-driven pumps available.

This pump has had our standard treatment - it has been stripped down, sandblasted, primed and repainted and, as always, has a new kit fitted (valve rubbers, buckets, springs, gaskets and packing)!


As stated above, some of the photos don't show a gearbox lid for this pump! And that is because we didn't have one ... at least not until our very clever machinist made a lid to fit this pump. Obviously, it is not a genuine Forrers lid, but it will serve the necessary purpose now that it is has been completed. You will also note in the first four photos that a 10" single A-section pulley has now been fitted.


This pump's suction and discharge are both 1". Our documentation shows that it has a 500 feet head and, at 100 strokes per minute (300 rpm at the pump) it will deliver just over 260 gallons per hour and will only need a 1 hp electric motor to drive it to the maximum head at the recommended speed - what is there not to like about this awesome little wonder!!


And best of all, installation and maintenance on this pump is a breeze because of its compact size and relative light weight - just don't install it where it can be seen by passers-by because it can be carried under one arm!!


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