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A Forrers - but not just ANY Forrers - it is a 5" x 8" piston pump - and it is weighty!!


In its previous life, this pump was used to irrigate a banana plantation in the Coffs Harbour area of NSW. It was decommissioned some twenty plus years ago and relocated to Thora at the bottom of the Dorrigo plateau. It was housed on the verandah of the old farmhouse and has not been used again since.

When we stripped it down, the oil in the gearbox was clear enough to drink (at least it would have been if it had been Valvoline and your name was John Laws). And ... remarkably ... the wet end still had water in it!!


From the Forrers specs available, it has the capacity to pump to a head of 500 feet whilst doing 300 rpm at the pump (60 strokes per minute) and that will deliver 3600 gallons per hour. It requires 15 hp to deliver the above - it has 3" suction and discharge.


You won't find many of these available (or at least we haven't). The unit has been sandblasted and repainted.


A few other dimensions:


overall length - just over 2 metres;

height at the pulley - 90 cm;

height at the air chamber - 117 cm;

pulley diameter - 73 cm;

width of the housing at the pinion shaft - 41 cm

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