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This really is a one-off special - there would not be another one like it in captivity anywhere!! A Forrers 6" x 6" wet-end has been grafted on to a no-name, but magnificent, heavy duty, twin-helical geared power-end - what a magic hybrid mutation!!

NOTE: The gearbox photos were taken prior to the unit being undercoated.


The above photo details the "adaptor/connector" which enables the graft to be functional, bridging the size difference between the Forrers wet-end and the power-end. This "adaptor/connector" is the reason the piston rod had be specifically machined to length.

For more photos of the power-end, check this link:

The power end of this pump has been on our website since we purchased our initial "job lot" of pumps and parts from the estate of Rob McPhail, Yandina, Qld in April 2012. The power end, as it came to us, remains on our website as Pump Y8.

You won't find another like this one and to say that it is "something different" is quite the understatement! This is now an amazing combination. The power end has had a Forrers 6" x 6" wet end grafted onto it by our very clever machinist. To do so, the necessary engineering adjustments have been made. For example, the piston rod had to be specially made and is longer than that for a standard 6" x 6" pump etc. Rob McPhail began the process but was unable to finish it, but it is now complete - it took us over eight years, but it has been worth the wait. It should work well for someone for many, many years to come!


At 60 strokes per minute, it will deliver 4300 gallons per hour (almost 20000 litres) to a 250 feet head. It has a 3" suction and discharge.


The gear end is very substantial - look at that housing! Together with the Forrers wet-end, you are looking at approximately 500 kg! Inside, it is driven by twin helical-cut gears in beautiful condition ... and the pinion gears are equally as good. We don't know what make the gear end is, but you need only take one look to know that it is a piece of quality engineering. New parts, as well as the piston rod, include the centre plate, end plate and the obligatory new kit. And, being helical-geared, this pump turns oh so very, very smoothly - you've heard the Big-O, Roy Orbison, sing ... well this pump is every bit as smooth!!!


This one-of-a-kind pump can be sent to your place so that you can put it to work!!


Phone Alan on 0409 126 102 or email him at PistonPumps for further details.

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