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An ever-reliable Lister 3.5 hp diesel - but this one is different - it has virtually not been used!

Serial Number 1443312 - 3.5 hp @ 650 rpm!


When was the last time that you saw a Lister of this age which had hardly been used? Probably in the 1960s when they were being sold new?

A third-generation family member recalls that this engine and piston pump (now removed) were set up on the family property as a backup unit. The unit was tested at various times in the interim, but not "used" as such. It has been housed in a beautiful little brick shed ever since and you now have the opportunity for it to be yours - whether for work or play!

Look at the paint work - original - and we haven't even cleaned it yet! Look at the setup - a compact and strong frame! Look at this as your last chance to have an engine of this age and calibre in almost "mint condition"!

This Lister does NOT have a cooling source - the "engineer" who originally set up the unit diverted water from the piston pump through the engine to cool it instead of mounting a separate water reservoir - this guy really knew what he was doing! And everything else about the setup is as well done! And in the interim period since, the engine has literally been "kept under wraps" - everywhere/anywhere that dust could penetrate was wrapped in oily rag so that everything remains in pristine condition!

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