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A genuine R A Lister 5 hp diesel, complete with crank handle - very tidy!



Despite out best efforts not to, we occasionally end up with motors! It is not that we don't like them, we just don't know much about them nor can we do anything to repair them! However, the Lister above is one of three recent acquistions - one was sold effectively as soon as we picked it up, leaving us with two at the moment.


This one is a 5 hp Lister @ 600 rpm - made in England when England was a well-respected industrial powerhouse! It is in amazing condition - look at the decals - quite amazing! The serial number is CS25927. Using the Lister "dating" website, this engine was built in 1937, but other than that, we can't really validate the manufacturing date - by all means, check the website yourself - Lister engine serial number date guide for all models from beggining of production to 1951 (


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