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A great little Lister CS 3 hp diesel complete with fuel and water tanks and stand!



This great little Lister diesel is ready to go and comes complete with a tailor-made stand on which the water and fuel tank are mounted - and the original fuel tank lid is even there! We needed to split the motor and stand to unload it from the ute - our little ute crane wouldn't handle the total package as a whole!


Though it is difficult to read, the original ID plate is attached with the following information: Serial Number is CS45220 and it is 3 hp. What else can we add - it is a Lister after all! Using the Lister "dating" website, this engine was built in 1942 - by all means, check the website yourself - Lister engine serial number date guide for all models from beggining of production to 1951 (


Please note that we do not have the crank handle for this motor unfortunately!

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