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We don't come across many Myers pumps, but this one is a very fine example of a limited-availability 3" x 5" high-head pump!!


This is a pump that has been on the show circuit previously and caught the attention of many people along the way! This is a high-head pump that will produce 780 gallons per hour (3500 litres) to a head of 500 feet, running at 275 rpm or 55 strokes per minute. The documentation we have to hand says that it will need 3 hp (electric) to achieve this output.

The pump itself is in very sound condition - just look at those gear and pinion photos! We don't often see pumps of this size/capacity so we don't expect that it will be with us for very long!


Please take particular note of the last photo shown above - one of the mounting plates on the gear box end has been broken off, but there is still enough "meat" to be able to anchor the pump satisfactorily, along with the other three intact anchor/mounting points.


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