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Rolls Royce
Diesel Engine


The technical information/data will follow, but this is just to alert you at this stage that this wonderful piece of equipment which is currently available. The engine is a six-cylinder and a new air cleaner is yet to be fitted. From the compliance plate info in the above photo, it is definitely a "C Range" diesel from Shrewsbury, England. To help, perhaps, fill the technical gap until we can accurately include that for you, you may like to check the Wikipedia information from here. Please note that this link is for general information purposes only and we are not implying that all or any of that information necessarily applies to this engine.

It is yet to be fully checked out (and that is another story!!) but based on what we have been told, it will go and should keep on going for many years to come. It originally was attached to a compressor. The engine was overhauled a number of years ago by Rolls Royce in the Sydney area (we think it was in Millperra) and then coupled to a centrifugal pump for irrigation, but for various reasons, was never used again.

The above photos are for illustration purposes only at this point. The final two photos are not really just of long grass, but they are included here to show you the length and robustness of the heavy steel frame on which this engine is mounted.


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