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The most sought-after sized pump - a 2.5" x 3" pump with this one carrying the Southern Cross branding. And, best of all, it is in very good condition!


There is not a lot to add about this great little Southern Cross. As with all our pumps, it has been sandblasted, reassembled with a new kit fitted and repainted. As per the photos above, both the bull and pinion gear have a lot of life left in them! And, just as the "clincher", this pump has a new piston rod, piston plates and centre plate!

At 50 strokes per minute or 250 rpm, this pump will deliver 300 gallons per hour to a head of 250 feet and will need only on third (1/3) hp (electric) to do so. If increased to 70 strokes per minute or 350 rpm it will deliver 425 gallons per hour and will need 1 hp to drive it to its full head capability.

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