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They just don't make them like this anymore - solid timber (mahogany) roll-top desk and matching Captain's chair!!


Left - Note the couple of marks/slight indentations on the main writing surface of the desk.



Below left - Note the couple of small "dings" to the side of the top of the roll-top section - toooooo many furniture removal vans!!!



Below - Note the crack near the join on one arm of the chair!


This solid desk and chair combination was restored for us a number of years ago - and they did a great job on them!! We haven't really used them for some time and have reluctantly decided to let them go to a new home where they will be appreciated/used for what they are and the tradesmanship that they represent!! The roll on the desk definitely works quite easily. On each side, above the drawers and under the main desktop, there is a pull-out timber section on which you can rest papers etc. The shelves and small drawers within the roll-top are a separate insert and can also be removed for transport.

These two items have been in and out of a number of removalist vans and, despite great care being taken, unfortunately they do bear some tell-tale signs, though they are not major - these have been highlighted in the last three photos above!! And ... for ease of removal, the desk comes apart for removal/relocation - the roll-top is one section and the writing surface and side drawers form the base section.


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