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Pump 15 - A Sonnerdale piston pump!!!



What is a Sonnerdale piston pump? We don't know!!

We have not heard of them before, we have not seen one of these pumps before and, in the world of Google, Sonnerdale pumps don't exist!! Sonnerdale Sydney used to make gearboxes for David Brown tractors and we do not know whether that was the same company that made this pump. Should you have any information with which you can enlighten us, we'd love to know more!!


However, we do think that this pump might be very special!! We know that you cannot read it, but the ID Plate shown in the last photo above has the following details on it: Model L7133, Serial Number 0001, Ratio 19.5:1, HP 0.25, Oil B120 and Worm RPM 1440. Yes ... Serial Number 0001!!!! This pump is what seems to be a rare brand, what looks like a rare pump and carries Serial Number 1 - wow!!!!


This pump has been tested and does pump water. We cannot give you any details regarding capacity or head capability, but it does pump!! The brass pump's suction and discharge are both 0.5". The grease pots on the pump are both complete with caps!!


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