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There are some pumps that are always in demand and this Southern Cross 2.5" x 5" high-head pump is up there with the best of them!!


Suction and discharge on this pump are both 1.25". Our documentation states that this pump has a head of 500 feet and, at 50 strokes per minute (260 rpm at the pump) it will deliver 500 gallons per hour (or approx 2,250 litres) and will only need a 4 hp electric motor to drive it to the maximum head - we've been told that the equivalent in petrol or diesel would be approximately double!!

This pump has the added benefit of having a large, extra air chamber on the discharge side of the pump to help overcome any friction that may happen when pumping to such a high head - an absolute bonus!!!


The configuration of the wet-end makes these pumps very heavy! Attached is a PDF document showing more detail of the configuration of the valve set up - the assembly is complete in the first photos and the components and gradual fitout is progressively shown from last to first photos. See attachment here!


The electric motor attached is 3 hp and is a genuine Southern Cross build - they last forever and this one has been completely checked out and is fully operational.


This pump is on consignment and is pretty much in as-received condition. We have had the cylinder liner honed, the valves refaced and fitted new valve rubbers, springs and gaskets.


Phone Alan on 0409 126 102 or email him at PistonPumps for further details.

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