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We started our involvement with piston pumps whilst dairy farming on the NSW mid-north coast many years ago - we were completely reliant on pumps for water at the dairy. We then didn't use them for a number of years. Piston Pumps started accidentally - a young farmer we knew had obtained a large pump and wanted to know about its installation. The capability of the pump far exceeded the capacity of his water supply, so we found him another more suitable option, took the 6" x 6" off his hands, rebuilt it and sold it. That first one was subsequently replaced by another which was in turn restored and resold. In 2007 we had the website created to list a few pumps which we had gathered together and it has all grown from there. Little did we realise at the time that it would bring us to where we are now, nor that it would take us up, down and around the eastern states of mainland Australia, nor that we would make multiple shipments to other Australian states.

Our aim is not only to make sure that such an integral part of our rural history is maintained for posterity, but also that these wonderful pieces of engineering contribute as much to the future of Australian agriculture as they have in the past. You enable us to do this through your continued use and interest in these grand dames - and for that, we sincerely thank you.

Spare Parts for your Piston Pump are now available

Until we purchased the remnant stock of Ajax parts from the Australian manufacturer/ distributor, Bell Environmental in Melbourne, the remaining stock of various brands of pumps from the family of the late Rob McPhail on Queensland's Sunshine Coast and other various parts from an ex-dealer in Victoria's Gippsland, as well as a number of smaller "collections" at various locations, we had sourced our replacement kits and other spare parts externally.

We now obviously use our own spare parts. Not only does this help us keep the prices of the finished pumps to you lower, but we can now supply spare parts for your own repairs as well. We'd encourage you to contact us with your query and we will certainly do all we can to help you out as quickly as possible - and yes, weekends are fine! The new spare parts available range from wet-end maintenance kits (from 1.5" to 6" bucket sizes) to piston rods, cylinder liners and even to some bull gears and many other parts in between.

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External Links

Information in relation to the actual workings of piston pumps generally can be found from a number of sources, including the following links:

"The Oily Rag" magazine will be of interest to anyone who is interested in "everything old" and its preservation and restoration - direct contact details are available for the editor, John Victor  

WA Westone - for an animated demonstration of the workings of piston pumps

Wikipedia - for general information

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