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The Ajax A2 piston pumps (2.5" x 3") just keep on coming - and that's probably because they simply just "keep on keeping on"!!


Please note that this pump is the lighter green of the two pumps shown - the darker green pump, also an Ajax A2 is on consignment and shown separately on this website!!


This little pump (the light green one shown above) has been stripped down, sandblasted and repainted.

As well as the standard new wet-end kit (buckets, valves, springs, gaskets and packing) it has the following new parts: long bearing, stainless steel piston rod, piston plates, centre plate, gland nut and gear case baffle. Please note: the "new" long bearing has since been replaced with a second-hand one in sound condition.


It has been described as "a real ball-tearer"!

Phone Alan on 0409 126 102 or email him at PistonPumps for further details.

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