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What is different about this pump? Well, you will probably not see another one like it! An Ajax A2 with all NEW internals - yes, a brand new pump!


This pump may have a second-hand housing (or it may be new) and a second-hand additional air chamber fitted, but everything else is brand new! We had sufficient Ajax parts from Bell Environmental to make up two brand new pumps - one had a new housing, one had a second-hand housing. One of these pumps sold some time ago - we can't be sure which pump had the new housing, but a second-hand housing is not detrimental at all - it just holds everything together!! This pump is probably your last chance to buy a brand new Ajax A2.

We had a buyer for this pump who specifically wanted the extra air chamber (42 inches in height) and fittings on the discharge side and kitted up with an electric motor as shown. When we tried to contact him again, we couldn't locate him - his loss can be your gain!! The 1 hp motor runs at 1440 rpm and has a 2.5" taperlock pulley driving to a 12" pulley on the pump. This means the pump is running at 300 rpm (approximately 60 strokes per minute) and, based on Ajax's documentation, will deliver approximately 400 gallons per hour to a 250 feet head with that configuration.

Phone Alan on 0409 126 102 or email him at PistonPumps for further details.

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