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One of the pumps from the Yandina collection - this pump is an absolute masterpiece! We were initially told that it was of German origin (and the quality makes that quite credible), but others have suggested it may be from America - does it really matter from whence it came? What is important is that it is available for you right now!!


This pump is amazing - just imagine how smoothly it will run with double helical gears - and just look how little work it has done! What size is it - good question - the gear box would support a massive load, but it was intended that a 5" x 5" or 6" x 6" wet end be fitted to it - obviously this has not yet been done. Interested - please ring for more information, though we have no knowledge of its history or capacity!

Phone Alan on 0409 126 102 for more information.

Phone ALAN on 0409 126 102 or email him at Piston Pumps
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