Southern Cross didn't make the range of high-head pumps that Forrers did, but like all their pumps, those they did make were made well.

A Southern Cross 3" x 5" high header.

This pump has been stripped down, sandblasted, undercoated, repainted and re-assembled.

Also, as is usual, this unit has been fitted with the standard new wet-end kit (buckets, valves, springs, gaskets and packing).

Being a 3" x 5", it has a head capacity of 500 feet. At 45 strokes per minute, it will deliver 660 gallons/hour. At 60 strokes per minute, it will deliver just under 900 gallons/hour (890 to be precise). The Southern Cross charts also include that it will deliver 1120 gallons/hour at 75 strokes per minute, but we would certainly not recommend running any piston pump at that speed.

This pump has been finished for some time and is now stored behind many others next to the wall, hence rather than moving many pumps, we have restricted the photos to these few.


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