This is NOT a typo - this Ajax A2 is a 2" x 3" pump.

This pump has been sent to us on consignment. For all money, it looked like a standard Ajax 2.5" x 3" pump and needed some repairs prior to being made available to you. When we dismantled it, we found that the original 2.5" liner had been replaced with a thicker liner which has a 2" bore. This is only the second one we have seen in over 15 years that has been converted in this way. Everything else is standard for an A2.

We did not need to do any repairs to the gearbox, but have added a new 12" two-v A-section pulley.

Like all A2s, this pump has a 1.25" suction and discharge. The wet-end has been sandblasted and fitted with a new kit. A brand-new suffing box has been fitted, along with new piston plates and centre plate. A new brass piston nut has been fitted to the stainless steel piston shaft. 

Our maths suggest that with its reconfiguration, this pump will deliver 80% of an A2 or 150% that of a 2" x 2" pump. That means that at 50 strokes per minute (250 rpm at the pump), it will deliver 240 gallons per hour or or almost 1100 litres per hour.

This pump is in very sound condition and only requires 1 hp to deliver to a 250 feet head. The 2" x 3" reconfiguration will have no long-term impact except that when a replacement kit is fitted, you will need to order 2" buckets and, in the far-distant future, when you need to replace the piston plates and centre plate, you will need to order 2" plates.

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