Delivered to Kyogle in Northern NSW - Numerically Number 1, Functionally Number 1

Specifically for the "pump connoisseurs" out there.

We have had less than 10 of these over the years and this is one that is in great condition - all AH3s are "Best in Class" and this one is no different.

It is in really good condition with a new piston rod, crosshead, and wet-end maintenance kit.

This pump has been

  • Stripped down
  • Sandblasted & Repainted

This pump has been fitted with

  • Standard new Wet-End Kit (Buckets, Valves, Springs, Gaskets & Packing)
  • New parts:
    • Piston Rod
    • Crosshead

Apart from being a great-looking pump & being as heavy as lead, the greatest feature of these AH3s is their head capacity. This is all because of the different configurations of the wet end. No other pump, Ajax or otherwise, has such a setup.

Its head capacity is - 575 feet and, it will deliver 730 gallons per hour and needs only a maximum of 5 hp (electric) to do so.

Though it has such a high head and will deliver over 700 gallons per hour, you only need to use 1.5" piping to suit the suction and discharge outlets - a bonus all around.

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