A Forrers 4" x 5" pump that will do a lot of work.

Check out that main gear and pinion - this pump will do a lot of work.

Another Forrers - this time a 4" x 5" with a 300 feet head.

This pump has been:

  • Stripped down
  • Sandblasted & Repainted

This pump has been fitted with:

  • Standard new Wet-End Kit (Buckets, Valves, Springs, Gaskets & Packing)
  • New parts:
    • Crosshead Pin & Bush
    • New Bolts all round
    • Bronze Brushes
  • Reconditioned:
    • Main Gear
    • Big End of Conrod

Suction and discharge on these pumps are 2.0".

Forrers information says that they have:

  • A head of 300 feet
  • At 50 strokes per minute (250 rpm at the pump) they will deliver 1300 gallons per hour.
  • Only need a 3 hp electric motor to drive them to the maximum head

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