Another of the ever-popular, very compact Forrers 2" x 2" pumps.

Just how these fantastic little beauties can manage to pump to a 500' head continues to amaze us, but they do.

As we usually do, this pump has been completely stripped, sandblasted and overhauled.

This great little pump has been fitted with:

    • new cross-head pin and bush
    • new buckets, valve rubbers, springs, gaskets and packing
    • new 18" 1A V-Section Pulley
    • gear case baffle

This is a very tidy little pump and it has the capacity to pump to a 500 feet head - quite amazing for such a compact little unit.

It has a 1" suction and discharge.

At 300 rpm, it will deliver 250 gallons per hour (just over 1100 litres per hour) and only requires a 1 hp (electric) motor to do so. We have coupled it with a brand new Robin 2 hp motor to create a great little unit.


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