One of two very similar A3s stored on the one pallet - PP10 is the one without motor rails and is no longer available.

PLEASE NOTE - of the two pumps shown in these photos, this pump, PP10 is the one that does not have motor rails fitted - the second pump shown here, PP11 does have motor rails and is detailed separately.

Ajax A3s, 3" x 4" are not as common as their smaller counterparts. We don't often have two of them together, but we don't really mind - it is more choice for you!

 This pump has been:

  • stripped down
  • sandblasted, reassembled and repainted

This pump has been fitted with:

  • standard new wet-end kit (buckets x 2, valves x 4, springs x 4, gaskets and packing)
  • new pinion and shaft
  • new crosshead pin and bush

Suction and discharge on these A3 pumps are both 1.5".

Ajax information that we obtained states that they have:

  • a head of 250 feet
  • will produce just under 600 gallons per hour (597 to be exact)

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