Another of the popular Ajax A2s range.

PLEASE NOTE - In the images, this pump is in the foreground & is the pump without motor rails.

The Ajax Pump 12 is in great condition and ready to go.

The gearbox is in terrific condition and the rest of the pump has been checked over and is ready to go to work.

This pump has been:

  • Stripped down
  • Sandblasted & Repainted

This pump has been fitted with:

  • Standard new Wet-End Kit (Buckets, Valves, Springs, Gaskets & Packing)
  • Reassembled with new bolts all around.

Suction and discharge on these A2 pumps are both 1.25".

Ajax information says that they have:

  • A head of 250 feet
  • At 50 strokes per minute (260 rpm at the pump) they will deliver 300 gallons per hour.
  • Only need a 0.75 hp electric motor to drive them to the maximum head

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