Its performance will outdo its attractiveness - Delivered to Hobart in Tasmania.

A Forrers 4" x 5" pump whose external appearance is greatly at odds with its internal condition which is terrific & ready to do what it does best - pump water.

This pump has been neither sandblasted nor repainted, but it is in fantastic condition.

Look at those gears - if you were mouthing a beast whose teeth looked as great you would say that it had a lot of work left in it - well this pump is exactly the same.

It may not win a championship ribbon, but it will do the job and do it well.

This pump came to us without a suction chamber so we have retro-fitted one, hence the odd-coloured addition shown in the photos.

These pumps will do just under 600 gallons per hour at 50 strokes per minute or 250 rpm at the pump.

It has 1.5" suction and discharge and will pump to 250 feet.

As a bonus, we will throw in the wet-end kit shown in the last photo as a sweetener!

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