Delivered to Northern NSW - An Ajax A2 coupled to a checked-over Briggs & Stratton 5 hp petrol motor.

Is this a match made in heaven?

The pump has some new internals and together, this unit is good to go!!

Suction and discharge on this pump are both 1.25".

Our Ajax information says that the pump has a head of 250 feet and, at 50 strokes per minute (260 rpm at the pump) it will deliver 300 gallons per hour and will only need a 0.75 hp electric motor to drive it to the maximum head.

The motor has been checked over by a mechanic and runs quite smoothly - the pairing makes this a great unit and it is ready to go.

The pump has been stripped down, painted, and reassembled with new bolts all around and has a new wet-end maintenance kit fitted.

New piston plates and a new centre plate have also been included.

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