Unique Brass Map of Australia

We have been told that this very impressive brass map of Australia (including Tasmania) was manufactured by Southern Cross and took pride of place in the Southern Cross offices in Toowoomba. It has been created by the same masterful talents as were the Southern Cross pumps. The detail is amazing, but nothing less would be expected from the same tradesmen who made all those wonderful Southern Cross pumps and windmills. 

This probably one-off, hand-crafted map, done in brass, is now mounted on an internal wall in our Allora shop font as shown in the above photo and even in its current low-key situation, it attracts many, many favourable comments.

Its measurements are as follows:

  • Cape York to Wilson's Promontory - 1.9 metres.
  • Pacific Ocean to the Indian Ocean - 2.35 metres.
  • The brass strapping used throughout the map is 40 mm wide.

You will note that in the photos, Tasmania has been temporarily superimposed in southern Victoria to ensure that it doesn't get lost. One "wag" asked if the move was more permanent and perhaps was caused by climate change.

However, though we are pleased to be able to display it in our shop front window for passers-by and are so very proud to be able to say that we "own Australia", we feel that the item itself is deserving of a situation which would be much more in keeping for such a quality item. It needs to be in a more prominent location to be able to showcase its amazing detail and workmanship.

We feel that given its uniqueness, quality, and history, it would be better placed in far grander premises of a pre-eminent organisation and fully deserves to be situated where there is a greater number of passing individuals who could thoroughly admire and appreciate it. It is almost a guaranteed conversation starter.

The map is fully braced and can be transported relatively easily provided due care is taken. We would highly recommend an in-situ inspection of this map so that you can also see firsthand the quality of the workmanship, the detail included to accurately represent Australia’s rugged coastline, and the obvious overall correctness in terms of proportion and robustness.


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