A pairing of exceptional quality - Forrers and Lister.

We refurbished and sold this unit seven/eight years ago. Our records from that time are no longer available so that we are unable to let you know what was done to the pump, but you can be assured that it would have been fitted out with a new wet-end kit and whatever else may have been needed at the time. Once at its new home, it was put in a shed and left there ... until now. 

Since purchasing it, the owner has gone in a different direction and we now have the pump back here to sell on his behalf. Though unused, given the age of the kit, a new one will be included for the new owner. 

This medium-sized Forrers has 2" suction and discharge. At 50 strokes per minute, it will deliver 1330 gallons per hour to a head of 300 feet. At 70 strokes per minute, the volume will increase to 1865 gallons per hour.

The Lister is a 6 hp diesel. Though it has been sitting in the shed over the years, we have been assured that it has been started every so often to keep it turning over. 

As per the photos shown, the unit is well mounted on a steel frame.

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