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We all know that none of us can survive without water - and the most efficient and effective way of moving it is using a piston pump. Piston Pumps rescue, refurbish and rejuvenate these grand old-timers!

What stories could they tell? They have reared families, watered stock, grown acres of crops and/or vegetables and just kept on ticking over, stroke by stroke. They have worked constantly and tirelessly for many years providing the very essence of life and lifestyle for all connected with them.


And, when the time eventually comes for a "make-over" for them, it is a comparatively routine and inexpensive process.We wish we could "age" as gracefully!!!

But ... piston pumps don't operate themselves. And who could not have the same level of respect for the wonderful old motors which allow the pumps to work their magic in a way that only water can. In the same way that rain and smiles go together, the household names almost intertwine - Southern Cross, Ajax, Nevertire, Lister, DGM, Villiers, Maccson, Forrers, Buzacott.

Do you just need a replacement wet-end kit for your machine ... we have maintenance kits available for Ajax pumps - some are interchangeable with others or we may be able to source kits for other brands for you - just contact us when you are ready!!!

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Did you know that the suction capacity of a pump decreases as altitude increases because it is the atmospheric pressure that determines the “suction lift”!

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