We are interested in all types of Piston Pumps no matter the age.

We usually have quite a range on hand particularly the mid-range pumps from 2" to 6" and we are always interested in obtaining more.

Do you know where there are any more?

Particularly, we would like to locate a 10" x 10" pump of any make or model even if it is only to have a look at one. If the opportunity arose to actually acquire it, we'd be "Very happy little Vegemites".

Do you have one or know of one that is available within any Australian State or Territory? if so, contact us today.

No matter the make or size we are always interested in locating or salvaging pumps. We have nearly as many stories to tell about the retrieval operations as there are life histories for the pumps.

Piston Pumps have revived and given new life to many old ladies and brought any number of them back from the brink. We'd love to do the same for any you may have - do you have any sitting under a tree or in an old shed down the back, rusted, lost, and unloved?

Please contact us before any decision is made to call the "scrappy" - they are too efficient and ingenious to see them destroyed if they are at all retrievable.