Information regarding spare parts we carry, enquire today!

Over recent years, we have been fortunate enough to secure

  • The remaining stock of Ajax pumps, parts, and accessories from Bell Environmental in North Sunshine, Victoria.
    • Included a brand new Ajax 6" x 6" pump which had never left the factory - absolutely in pristine condition - this pump has long since gone and, coincidentally, it went back to Victoria.
  • The remaining stock (piston pumps, parts, and accessories) from the estate of the late Rob McPhail from Yandina, Queensland
    • Included a number of pumps that were reconditioned by Rob McPhail, who was renowned for his overall expertise, experience, and thoroughness. The number remaining is rapidly declining.
  • A collection of Forrers pumps from Forest Glen on Queensland's Sunshine Coast
  • The remaining stock from an ex-pump dealer in Victoria's Gippsland
    • A brand new Ajax A3, a demonstration Ajax A4 and a 1.75" x 1.75" were part of the Gippsland purchase. None of these pumps is now available. 
  • A large number of parts from an ex-dealer in Bega
  • Numerous valuable parts collections from other ex-dealers

We have taken delivery of these consignments and, in 2013, relocated all our parts and pumps to a permanent showroom/warehouse in Allora, QLD.

The most recent parts and piston pump purchases from Victoria and Bega certainly replenished our supplies for the smaller A2 and A3 pumps. We are also fortunate to have access to highly skilled machinists who themselves learned their trade manufacturing piston pumps. Many operators in nearby Toowoomba actually completed their apprenticeships with Southern Cross prior to its downsizing and subsequent relocation/closure. That connection allows us now to use our own spare parts and gives us access to talented operators who can machine most parts for the pumps. Not only does this help us keep the prices of the finished pumps to you lower, but we can now supply spare parts for your own repairs as well.

We encourage you to contact us with your query and we will certainly do all we can to help you out as quickly as possible.

The new spare parts available range from:

  • Wet-End Maintenance Kits (from 1.5" to 6" bucket sizes)
  • Piston Rods
  • Cylinder Liners
  • Bull Gears
  • Pinion Gears
  • Many other parts in between.

If you are needing a replacement wet-end kit for your machine we have maintenance kits available for most pumps. Some are interchangeable between brands or we may be able to source kits for other pumps for you.

Download our PDF for Troubleshooting. TROUBLESHOOTING INFORMATION