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None of us can survive without water, and the most efficient and effective way of moving it is with a piston pump.

Here at Piston Pumps we rescue, refurbish and rejuvenate these grand old-timers.

They have reared families, watered stock, grown acres of crops and/or vegetables, and just kept on ticking over.

Stroke by stroke, they work tirelessly for many years providing the very essence of life and lifestyle for all connected with them. And when the time eventually comes for a "make-over", it is a comparatively routine and inexpensive process. Piston Pumps can provide most of the parts which may be needed as well, including wet-end maintenance kits for most brands. 

These pumps don't operate themselves and we have the same level of respect for the old motors which allow the pumps to work their magic. We sometimes come across some of these magnificent old machines including Southern Cross, Lister, Ronaldson Tippet and Buzaccott.

Check out our available stock and contact us today if you would like more information. We almost always have pumps "in the pipeline" so if you don't see what you need, then ring/email anyhow - it may be that what you need will be the next pump to be done.

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