Since moving into our warehouse in 2013, a few "extras" started to appear. You know how it is - have space, will fill it!

When we first started in 2007, we concentrated on piston pumps. Since that time, we have lost count of the pumps we have salvaged/rescued and refurbished ... and there are still a number on hand that are waiting patiently for their make-over.

Engines were the first addition to be added. Since then, after helping empty a few sheds and buying remnant stock from several businesses, we now find that we have everything from homewares, furniture, artwork, tools, old farm gear, and oh so many sundry items. Some of those sundries include barbecue/camping gear, various types of wooden tool handles, forges, and many others!

If we were to register a website today, we would probably need to add the word "Paraphernalia" to the name. We do still concentrate on piston pumps and will continue to do so, but all our other "contraptions" certainly bring people through our doors.

You are certainly invited to call in if passing through Allora at any time. However, should you be making a special trip, please ring beforehand because we are often away on a pump pick-up or delivery run.