Piston Pumps For Sale - Available Now

Not one, not two, not three but FOUR Ajax A2s - all in fantastic condition - there is no separating them - they have all had the same "treatment"!


There is "no picking" between these pumps. Each one has been stripped down, sandblasted, undercoated, re-assembled and given a coat of paint, along with the obigatory new wet-end kit.

According to the original Ajax information, these pumps will each deliver 300 gallons per hour at 250 rpm at the pump, or approximately 50 strokes per minute, to a head of 250 feet and, at that configuration, will require less than a 1 hp electric motor to do so. Ajax information quotes volume/capacity to 670 gallons per hour at 550 rpm or 110 strokes per minute, but we would caution against such a set up - these pumps were never designed for speed! Need more water - go for a bigger pump!

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