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An Ajax A2 - Pump 12 - it is in great condition and ready to go!! In the photos below, Pump 12 is the pump without motor rails!!

Please note that most of the photos below include two A2s and also an A3 - the pump with "11" on it has had a Briggs and Stratton fitted and is now Unit 2. The A3 is the pump in the middle of the pallet and has since been sold into Western Australia.


Suction and discharge on these A2 pumps are both 1.25". Our Ajax information says that they have a head of 250 feet and, at 50 strokes per minute (260 rpm at the pump) they will deliver 300 gallons per hour and will only need a 0.75 hp electric motor to drive them to the maximum head - how efficient is that!!

Pump 12 is ready to go! Each of the pumps shown above has been stripped down, painted and reassembled with new bolts all round and have a new wet-end maintance kit fitted.


Phone Alan on 0409 126 102 or email him at PistonPumps for further details.

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