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This Forrers 4" x 5" is a great find - mid-sized, it is not too small but not too big!!

Please take particular note of the following photos - the back end of this pump has been damaged at some stage and subsequently welded. It was so "greased up" when it came to us that we didn't realise there was a problem until after it was sandblasted. The damage is ONLY to the bullgear end - the wet end is absolutely OK. Because there is no pressure on the power end, these welds will NOT impact its performance nor its longevity. The pump has been priced to take into account that it has been undercoated only and carries these welds.

This pump will produce 1330 gallons per hour (gph) at 50 strokes per minute or 1865 gph at 70 strokes per minute! 

The gears are very sound in this pump and a new wet-end kit has been fitted - buckets, valves, springs, packing and gaskets.


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