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Have you ever seen anything like this before??


This amazing map of Australia has been custom built and, we believe, would be a one-of-a-kind!!! We have been told that it was the centre-piece in the Southern Cross head office in Toowoomba many years ago. The detail of the map is quite amazing and would have taken the highly skilled tradesman who constructed it a loooong time to measure, cut, shape and join the many, many individual pieces - and it certainly appears that the proportions truly represent this wonderful island that we share!!

Size wise, it is 1.9 metres from Cape York to Wilson's Promontory and 2.35 metres from the Pacific Ocean to the Indian Ocean ... and yes, Tasmania does exist - it has been temporarily superimposed on southern Victoria so that it doesn't get lost! The brass strapping used throughout is 40 mm wide.


The detail of our rugged coastline is clearly shown in the final photo above which represents the York Peninsula in South Australia. The map is well braced for strength and stability.


We have had it on our wall for some time and it has drawn many, many comments, but we think that it is now deserving of a far more prominent position so that more people can enjoy/admire it!!


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