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We have a number of piston pumps available which have been restored or rebuilt. Some are currently available and ready to go to work for you - please refer to our gallery for more detail. Southern Cross, Forrers, Ajax and DGM (Nevertire) are not only well-known brands, but are Australian made!

Please note: For convenience and ease of delivery, ALL pumps are delivered "dry" - to avoid damaging your unit, you will need to add gear oil to the gearbox prior to first use.

Should you have a special requirement, we may be able to source the grand old matron that will do the job for you!! Let us know what it is that you need and how you want to use it and we'll see what we can do for you.

So that you can remain fully up to date with each of the additional pumps or information that we upload to the website, we also offer a convenient notification service - should you wish to receive these email alerts, contact us at update@pistonpumps.com.au to subscribe. Of course, you can opt out at any time should you wish to do so.

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Click on each of the images below for additional photos and more information

SOLD - This Forrers 6" x 10" piston pump is as large as it sounds - it exceeds one tonne in weight and 2 m in length!! Everything about this pump is big - it will pump up to 5700 gallons per hour through its 4" inlets and outlets - the makeover and refit is all but finished!! This unit is now complete - six C-section belts are on hand and ready to be fitted to ensure everything is ready to go - securely mounted on a substantial steel frame.

Watch this space - Work in Progress (WIP)

WIP x 2 - Ajax A3s - One has recently been listed as Pump 7 with two others currently "happening". We are increasingly finding that a number of our pumps don't ever make it to the website because they are sold before being finished, and with A3s in short supply, the same may happen with these!

HELP PLEASE - We are experiencing unprecedented demand for pumps of all brands and sizes, but particularly 2.5" x 3" pumps - should you have one or know of any others, we would appreciate any leads you may be able to provide - thank you!!
No, not a pump, but ooh so necessary - these bull gears have been hiding in our shed and resurfaced a short while ago - they are genuine Southern Cross and have ALE7B stamped into them - one is used, the others are unused


RESTORED PUMP A - The journey is now well underway - we just need to organise the manufacture of the four valves - the rubber ball shown under the power end in the top photo! The bottom photo showing this pump on two pallets with a space between them, shows the size and indicates the weight of this pump. Consisting of three main sections, it has been sandblasted and repainted! This pump probably isn't unique, but there would be very few similar! An 8" x 8" Forrers masterpiece! And it is your choice on which side you mount the intake and the discharge! Click the photos opposite for more recent additions including detailed photos of the bull gear and pinion - their condition is amazing!
UNIT 2 - This Ajax A2 looks like any other Ajax A2 doesn't it? But it is very different - and no, you can't see the difference! It is not the extra air chamber, nor the electric motor. It is the fact that everything inside the pump is brand new - yes, ALL internal parts are new!!
As stated on our Spare Parts Info page, we consider ourselves fortunate for having had the opportunity to acquire the remaining stock from the Estate of the Late Rob McPhail. Rob had built a very respected reputation for himself and his pump business. The pumps prefaced with "Y" on this page have been sourced from Rob McPhail. These pumps have now been relocated to our warehouse. Those listed here are ready to work unless noted otherwise. The listing for these pumps is not quite complete so if you can't see what you are looking for, please ring Alan on 0409 126 102.

PUMP Y8 - but what is it?? This masterpiece is German engineering at its very best - does it look heavy - yes, but that still belies its actual weight - take a look at the double, helical gears and pinions - all first class!! Where is the wet end - that is a work-in-progress - click the photo link for more info!
PUMP 1 - One of a number of Ajax A2 piston pumps (the light green one) currently available!! It is very sound and has a new kit, a number of new parts and paint job! Note - the dark green pump is also an A2 shown below as "On Consigment"

PUMP 2 - A rarity we believe - do you have one like it or have you seen something similar in work? We haven't seen one and we can't find any details on it. This little Southern Cross cutie is smaller than a Forrers 2" x 2", it has a brass "wet-end" which is again different from anything else we have had. We'd really appreciate any information or experience you may have had and, if you could "age" it for us, then all the better!
PUMP 3 - Another Ajax A2 - and yes, it needs a priming chamber which will be fitted prior to delivery! This pump has some new parts fitted and has been given the standard "once over" and ready and rearing to go!
PUMP 4 - This Southern Cross 5" x 5" will provide 2100 gallons an hour (approximately 9500 litres) at just 50 strokes per minute. It has been thoroughly checked and is ready to put water where-ever you need it to a head of 250 feet!

SOLD the day it was listed - PUMP 5 - A Southern Cross 2.5" x 5" high-head pump in excellent condition - new parts include pinion shaft, s/steel piston shaft, piston plates, centre plate, bypass valve and wet-end kit - all checked out and ready to go to wherever you need it!
SOLD in just 2 days - Is this a stationary motor? Of course not, but this is the mechanism which powers this pump to make it work - and yes, it is a pump! It is a RAM pump and needs only running water to enable it to pump to a head of up to 200'!

Curious about RAM pumps? We haven't had one on the website before, but we still have an older, smaller unbranded pump on hand. Much more information can be found about these pumps from the manufacturer's website - they are Australian made and have been around for over 150 years! They come in various sizes numbered from 3 to 7, and a 10. The one above is a mid-range 5. It is a Billabong pump and made by Misal Technologies Pty Ltd in Ringwood, Victoria. The reference to "Danks" on the above pump is in reference to John Danks and Son Limited who first introduced these pumps to the Australian market in 1855. The pump above stands approx 24" tall, with the base being approx 15" x 10". The inlet is 2" in diameter (50 mm) and the outlet is 3/4" (18 mm). The manufacturer states that Ram pumps are able to operate with a head delivery of up to 200 feet, but in some installations, that can be exceeded. For more information regarding their range and the history of these pumps, follow these links respectively:

Misal Technologies product range

RAM pump history

SOLD - PUMP 6 - Again, the only available Forrers 2" x 2" pump we have - it is mounted on a great little compact steel frame, complete with motor mount and ready to work for you - it's been bench tested, is in great condition and its ready to go.
PUMP 7 - An Ajax A3 - it has taken a little while to list it, but this A3 is ready now! As per the A3 below, it sold the day after being listed - will that happen again with this one - can you chance it still being here when you need it?
SOLD the following day - PUMP 8 - An Ajax A3 - it has had the usual makeover - sandblasted, new kit and a range of new parts - click on the photo opposite for more detail!
SOLD - PUMP 9 - Not only is it a Southern Cross, but it is also a high-head pump - note the different wet-end configuration from the one above. This difference will double the head - only the high-head pumps will get water to 500 feet!!
SOLD - PUMP 10 - What a pump it is - a Forrers 6" x 8" duplex pump. What is a duplex unit - double everything - two pistons, two bull gears, two shafts AND it has double the capacity at 6,000 GALLONS per hour (and double the weight almost)!! Is it coincidence that it is Pump 10 - or is it 10 for quality?
PUMP 11 - A Forrers 5" x 8" beauty! This pump is in top condition - the gears are immaculate, the liner is in good condition and it has new buckets as part of a new wet-end kit! What more could you ask for in such a pump?
PUMPS 12 - Eeny, meeny, miny, moe - That's how you will need to make your selection - or a short or long straw!! They are identical in condition - they can't be separated - each one has a new kit fitted.
PUMP 13 - A Forrers 4" x 5" pump which gives the flexibility of increased capacity without the extremes of size/weight of the larger pumps - there is a particular story with this pump of which you need to be aware - please click on the photo for full information!
Piston Pumps on Consignment (OC)
PUMP OC1 - An Ajax A2 (2.5" x 3") in its working clothes and ready to work! This pump (the dark green one to the front of the pallet) is very clean and in great order - it just needs some water so that it can work!
PUMP OC2 - A Myers pump that has been on the show circuit, but it is no "show pony"! A high-head 3" x 5" pump in very sound condition with a 500 feet head! It will deliver 780 gallons per hour at 275 rpm - great for that hilly area crying out for water!
Haven't seen what you are looking for - we usually have a range of other pumps which are in various stages of restoration, so if you haven't seen what you need here, please ring for further details!
Is there something in particular you need?? Please let us know and we may be able to help!
Sample photo - smaller pumps are usually available immediately - stock may include Southern Cross, Ajax, Billabong, Supreme or un-named models. These smaller pumps are usually 1.5" x 1.75", but we sometimes have the larger 1.75" x 1.75" on hand. An A1.5 will output 290 gallons per hour whilst the A1.75 will do 400 gallons per hour.
Phone ALAN on 0409 126 102 or email him at Piston Pumps
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