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A 2.5" x 5" Southern Cross piston pump still bearing its original ID Plate - Serial Number 9230 and stating very proudly "MADE IN AUSTRALIA by Toowoomba Foundry Pty Ltd"!


This pump is offered to you on consignment by an elderly gentleman who is now resident in a retirement home on the Coffs Coast, making it impossible for him to take with him. However, he wants to see the pump, and his efforts in restoring it, put to good use to help someone else out!

He had the pump sandblasted and undercoated prior to us collecting it from him. He assured us that it has a new wet-end kit and a quick overall check out showed that all appears to be in very sound working order.

The final photo above shows that the wet-end has been welded and this is particularly drawn to your attention - the pump will be sold in as is condition. We also have two more Southern Cross pumps from the same source which are 4" x 5" but will need some additional work to get them ready for delivery.

Phone Alan on 0409 126 102 or email him at PistonPumps for further details.

Please remember ... Australian agriculture needs support from all of us!!
All prices quoted are in Australian dollars
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