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Stationary Motors - Buzacotts x 3, Wisconsin and outboards x 2 - these were all inclusions on a pump deal - we don't tend to "do" motors/engines, but these are available right now!! We have been assured that they have been "done up" and are "goers" but no guarantees can be given!

SOLD into Ipswich, Qld - The green Buzacott above is 3 hp @ 1000 rpm - Serial Number is C26786.
SOLD into Ipswich, Qld - The red Buzacott above is 4 hp @ 800 rpm - Serial Number is C23487.
The grey/blue Buzacott above is missing its ID plate, but it is stamped with 4W. Also available and part of this is the makings of a water tower and stand which remains incomplete at this time but will be given in.
SOLD into Narrabi, NSW - The Wisconsin above is Model AENLD, Serial Number 132374, Size 3 x 3.25, 3300 rpm and Spec Number X113ART.
SOLD into Brisbane - The green Victa only - the red outboard remains available - These outboards have no identifiers on them. However, we have been told that the green one, with the "wind up" handle, is a Victa and the red one is of unknown origin with a rope start. No other information is know about them. They are mounted on stands for display purposes.
SOLD into Kingaroy, Qld - This power hacksaw was an inclusion in the overall deal and is surplus to our needs - make an offer we can't refuse and it can be all yours!

Phone Alan on 0409 126 102 or email him at PistonPumps - we cannot guarantee that we can be forthcoming with any additional info on any of the above.

Please remember ... Australian agriculture needs support from all of us!!
All prices quoted are in Australian dollars
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