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High-headers - we are always on the look out for them because they only become available every blue moon - and when we do get them, they usually sell quite quickly - this one is "hot to trot"!


This Southern Cross 3" x 5" high-head pump has been stripped down, sandblasted and repainted.

It has the following new parts: complete wet-end maintenance kit, by-pass valve, piston plates, centre plate and two piston rod nuts. These pumps don't normally have a priming chamber fitted, but one has been added for your convenience (and because we had it to spare!).


According to the original information, this pump will deliver 660 gallons per hour at 240 rpm at the pump, or approximately 45 strokes per minute, to a head of 500 feet and, at that configuration, will require only a 2.25 hp electric motor to do so. At 60 strokes per minute, or 315 rpm at the pump, it will give you almost 900 gallons per hour to its maximum head. The specifications also quote that 75 strokes per minute will produce 1120 gallons per hour. That head is double what a "standard" pump will manage - great for hilly sites!!

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