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We have a number of non-pump items available in which you may be interested.

Check out the items below to see if any of them will do the job for you.

Click on the images below for more photos and information

If you were one of those who enquired tooooo late for the winch below, we have another one for you now - on consignment this time! This winch is not "pretty" or "charming" but it works a treat! It turns easily and has a braking mechanism when you need a spell or to hold your position. Unfortunately there is no handle, but we used a 1-1/8" socket and rachet handle and it did the job well!
SOLD in less than two hours to Ballina Just what is it - of all things, a hand winch! All cast, nothing broken - all teeth on the gears are intact, no broken or bent feet/legs etc. You can see the brake for the winch rope in the photo - the same mechanism is notched at the back to lock-step the wind in - an amazing piece of engineering!!!
Something in which we don't normally dabble - stationary motors!! But ... how many do you need?? Your choice from three Buzacotts, a Wisconsin (under licence from Ronaldson & Tippett) and, wait for it, not one, but two outboard motors!!! One is reportedly a "wind-up" Victa!! Click the Buzacott logo for more detail!!
No, not a pump, but ooh so necessary - these bull gears have been hiding in our shed and resurfaced a short time ago - they are genuine Southern Cross and have ALE7B stamped into them - one has been used, but the others are unused! Take one, take all - the choice is yours! Please note that one of these has now been installed into a Southern Cross 2.5" x 5" pump and is no longer available! NOTE - one has now been used in a pump refurbishment!!


Is there something else in particular that you need?? Please let us know and we may be able to help!


Phone Alan on 0409 126 102 or email him at PistonPumps for further details.


Please remember ... Australian agriculture needs support from all of us!!


All prices quoted are in Australian dollars
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